Private Piano Lessons 

Starting at age 4 -  30min or 45min

Private Piano Lessons include Singing/Eurhythmics/Instrument Rhythm Time/Mini Music Theory and Mini Piano Lessons. Children will learn basic note-reading and rhythms and will learn how to play simple piano repertoires. 

Gifted Children

Piano Lesson 60 min

This is a piano lesson designed for Gifted Children who can comfortably read sheet music and further develop their skills into artistic level of performing piano. We will work on advanced repertoires and prepare for recitals and competitions. 

Ask for more details. 

Supplemental Lessons:

Singing:  You can add Singing lessons to your piano lesson.

All piano lessons are combined with MUSIC THEORY and SOLFEGE. It is important that all students understand what is written in the score, and be able to read music using Solfege*. 

*What is solfege? A singing exercise especially using sol-fa (DO-RE-MI) syllables.  Students will  practice in sight-reading vocal music using the sol-fa syllables.



  •  30 min  $120/month​    45 min $180/month 


  • Lesson Tuition is due on the 10th every month. 
  • Late Fee ($10) will apply if you do not pay by the 10th.
  • Non-Refundable enrollment fee will apply in the first tuition. ($40)
  • Piano Lessons are SEMESTER system: Fall and Spring semesters. There are total of 37 lessons per year
  • Everyone is required to attend FALL PIANO MINI RECITAL and SPRING RECITAL


  • Please text or call right away if you need to cancel your lesson at least 24 hours prior to your lessons time. If you are sick on your lessons day, please call by noon on the same day. 
  • We will have make-up lessons for TWO missed lessons during the semester. If you miss more than TWO lessons, I will charge 50% of the regular lesson fee for another make-up lesson. 

NO SHOW! is non acceptable. Please call or text if you forget to come to lesson. If student have more than TWO NO-SHOWS, they will be asked to leave the studio. 

If you need to take a break from your lessons,  please let me know 1 month in advance. You may take break up to 4 lessons. I cannot guarantee your spot if you need to take a break for more than 4 lessons.

Students need to purchase assigned books.
Please PRACTICE at least 20 min a day! This is the most important way to improve!

I will always support and encourage students on their musical journey!

I offer FREE TRIAL LESSONS through out the semester. Please feel free to email: